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Review by Kathleen Dynan conservative commentator

Through education and awareness, all of us can help save abused children.

This book deals with a very difficult subject, child abuse. Yet, it is very readable because the writing is impactful, but it is not overly dramatic or sensational. Unlike the media that focuses on the violent and sexual aspects of abuse to their ratings, Dr. Ricci educates us about those and also about the most common form of abuse, neglect that results in “a failure to thrive”.

What Happened in the Woodshed should be required reading for everyone who interfaces with children on a regular basis. Both knowing the signs of possible abuse and the importance of reporting it so that professionals can investigate, make us educated and aware adults. Such adults give children an additional layer of protection through intervention.

Dr. Ricci is asked “How can he and others do this work?” The better question would be “Knowing that many children are saved by their efforts, how can medical professionals in the field of child abuse not do this work?” They are owed our respect and gratitude for working to protect and save the most vulnerable human beings, children.