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Bill Nemitz article in the Portland Press Herald about my book

The following is from a March 2, 2018 Portland Press Herald commentary by Bill Nemitz after the recent horrific death of a 10 year old girl in Maine.

I also spoke with Dr. Lawrence Ricci, a longtime member of the (child death and serious injury) review panel and a national leader – in fact one of the founders – of the emerging field of child abuse pediatrics. “I think our responsibility, as simply citizens of the state, is to try to assure that our children are safe – not just our own personal children, but the children that we come into contact with,” Ricci told me. “What we know, from other cases all over the country, is that when you drill down into these cases, there were often many opportunities to intervene, to protect the child, that were missed.”

Ricci recently completed a book, scheduled for release this month by Praeger, called “What Happened in the Woodshed: The Secret Lives of Battered Children and a New Profession to Protect Them.” It’s 184 pages of real stories about real kids, buttressed by Ricci’s own reflections and those of 30 child abuse pediatricians the world over who have dedicated their lives to eradicating this blight on humanity. A central theme is that we as a society can protect our abused children only by working together across professions, across demographics, across the insidious power of denial.

The full commentary can be read here: